The teaching of a guide

by Samten Ling-pa Rimpoche

Part 1

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1. Journey to Tibet

1.1 The Mount Kailash
1.2 A Hermit's meeting
1.3 The Yidam, mental creation
1.4 The various demonstrations of the Yidam

2. Experiences of conscious disembodiment of the subconscious

2.1 Exit out the body
2.2 Journey in the cosmos
2.3 Third type meeting
2.4 Journey in the time

2.4.1 The Big Bang
2.4.2 The expansion of the universe Element fire and the first period Element fire + element air or the second period Elements fire + air + water or the third period Elements fire + air + water + earth or the fourth period

2.5 Global vision of the Universe, closed and parallel universes
2.6 The meeting of Vajrakilaya guide

Following: second part: "I have something to tell you": the teaching of the guide (70 Kos)

The course (220 Ko)


July 1985, China finally opens up on the world and "Terres d'Aventures" organised a raid in 4X4 through Tibet. The sale of a small studio close to the "Parc des Princes" in Paris allowed by happiness to write down me to the second journey. I followed since four years the teachings of my Dzogchen master and intended to discover this famous country of occult resonance. Happy to learn my journey, he gave me before my departure, a letter of introduction for a high rank hermit of the Kailash mount, in the south west of the country, one of the oldest sanctuary of tantric Buddhism. He should give me latest news of the region. I had then to bring back them to my master. In this country, petty on the economic plan, big by his extent but immense on the metaphysical plan, the religion excels on all political consideration and the network of information of the power in exile is not made of professionals of intelligence service.



The two 4 x 4 and the truck of Chinese military aid, security obliges, stopped finally and the Kailash Mount, place of pilgrimage for the Indian and the Tibetan detached its majestic pyramidal red contours, like cut by knife on the sky of a pure lapis-lazuli. So many legends left from this place: the Kailash mount would be the Meru mount, the psychic centre of the universe where would be huge occult strength. Of course, I didn't yet believe anything, my Cartesian, still open by years of meditation and the teaching on powers of the spirit, forbade to me again. To some steps, under a tent to the doubtful tightness, was the bar-grocery store, the only probably to several hundred of miles around. We entered there to take a hot and salty tea, ornamented of some halos of yak butter. The humidity was neighbouring of 0%, it was therefore important that the body keeps water, also, the unsavoury beverage would help us for this part of the trek. Next to us, I was stunned to see a couple of American arrived by bicycles, as well as a team of amateur spelunkers of occult sciences, come seriously to examine the rocky failles, in search of a mythical underground river. Back bags were charged on yaks and the pedestrian climbing began, laborious but imposing. As all sacred site, the skirting takes place from left toward the right in an ascending spiral. In end of afternoon, I had done the three quarters of the circuit but, in head, the group having remained down, I decided to stop to wait.



The time passed, the night was going to fall. A sublime silence did me to be all ears, it is whereas I heard a bell to ring far away. "Without doubt a Gompa I thought, maybe I would be able to pass the night there!" Always not arriving, presumably the group had to have bivouacked very behind. The decision was taken. I went forward as fast as possible because, at 15000 feet of altitude, without tent nor very hot clothes, the night would be more that difficult to support. The obscurity got settled to a pace that I didn't know in Europe. A weak gleam now replaced then the tolling of the bell, sudden, this injunction:

- " Come ". This command decided on the desert silence and made me start. Septuagenarian, the man was big but was held arched; his eyes shone. He seemed overwhelmed by the illness. His small paces and his half bent legs betrayed the irreparable lesions let by the rope of meditation. The place where we were was not a Gompa but a temperate hermitage anchored in the rock and perfectly kept.

- " You meditated here during five years and I were there ". A similar grotto that I hardly distinguished, to hundred feet in the same rocky folds.

- " Have you the letter of Norbu? " Such a following of circumstances who seemed to me solely at random was not some therefore? It was the big llama of which had spoken me my master! I offered him the preciously kept letter.

- " Enter. You won't offend these holy places " said while inviting me to follow him after taken off his shoes; I did in the same way. The piece in which we were had one hundred square feet thereabouts, the overhang of the rock served of roof and the soil of clay was ornamented of a mandala to eight directions paints all colours of the rainbow. I glimpsed a second piece. Close to the entrance, in a cavity of the wall taken place a small altar. We sat down, him in tailor, me on a stone, I always had the pain with my joints.

- " I knew it says him ". I perceived sudden that I understood what he said, or rather, what he didn't say because his lips, well that ajar, didn't let pass no sound. The understanding was direct, mind to mind and reflections seemed to gush of his heart.

- " Yes, I knew it. The suppleness of your new body is not worth the one of the elder ". Begun him again. So therefore we were known us in a previous life. I remained stunned by this surprising affirmation as well as also, by the clarity and this man's telepathic strength, he was better not to have negative reflections because, undoubtedly, he would capture them said myself. In answer he addressed me a sensible smile and continued:

- " It has been a very long time that I have waited for your visit Neygro. I must spend to you the torch before he is too late ". The enigmatic sentence poured in me a stream of adrenaline that I had difficulty mastering. About what torch did it be? Too late for what? Neygro? whereas pale and the blue eyes, I don't have anything of a black. My interrogatory look and my defeat mine did him explode to laugh. That one was well real, of a depth worthy of a tenor who holds a long time his note. The training effect stretch me a few and calmness came back.

- " Come " said him to me while rising laboriously. I had not noticed until then, the bottom of the grotto. This one turned slightly on the right and let now discover a faille of one foot large and five of high by which the llama engulfed. I followed him. The arch distributed a weak clarity. The adjoining room in which we were was now the bedroom. A small cavity in the rock and a palliasse served bed. To side, in another grooving, a second altar, temperate: a statue of Guru Rimpoche, a Tibetan book of prayers in Sanskrit, an alight oil lamp. On the wall, a drawn fresco represented Dpal-chen-po, the Yidam Herouka and under, its mantra. The llama did the ritual of opening the mudra, headed toward the fresco and opened a small recessed tabernacle in the rock at the level of the heart, left a cup and a "dorge" that seemed built in a slightly luminous bluish crystal where was engraved, as with a tool of fire, a Sanskrit mantra. He dusted them meticulously then said:

- " Put ourselves in meditation on the Yidam ". Calmness got settled, our breathing became weaker to become nearly imperceptible, in short, at the end of ten minutes, an active hot quietude sensation flooded me. Holding the "dorge" in his right hand that he put high, the llama pronounced the secret mantra of the Yidam. A blinding lightning, an awful bang. It appeared.



A huge brown dark red body, big eyes starting out of its head as reversed cups. Some strident hisses tore the silence of the meditation. Its hair of fire was surrounded of a multicoloured halo. An energetic spiral took birth from soil, close to its tense left leg, took root to the perineum, rolled up itself then around right hip whereas the part that penetrated in its body, radiated upwards in all its backbone a powerful controlled energy which branched out to the navel, to the heart, to the throat, to escape then toward its right outside, in direction of the sky. All its body seemed flaming and a big sphere of rainbow radiated from its heart. Completely captivated by this apparition, I was not afraid however, indeed, the meditation that had taught me my master was well the one of the Yidam Vajrahérouka, in all points counterpart to this demonstration.



The llama said again:

- " This creature is a mental creation made of energy borrowed from radiances of the cosmos. Its eyes will be your eyes, its ears will be your ears, its reflections will be yours. Take this and control it otherwise it will lose you. He gave me the cup and the dorge, remained then attentive to demonstrations.

- " Decrease its strength ". Well, I started imagining the size and more and more weak radius intensity. The creature seemed to die out an instant to ignite suddenly while doing a jump. I understood that my concentration, absent-minded one instant, had to not slacken of one second, that depended the remote control of the energetic creature. The llama said:

- " No place is inaccessible to it, as well as under the ground, under the sea, in the interstellar emptiness or in the beyond. Freed of the contingencies of time and space, your subconscious so intended will be your work tool to do evolve what can be it again. To you to work for the good of all beings. I don't mean for material being, what would be actually a brake to the last key of spiritual evolution of the humanity. The destruction of attachment values must act on the contrary to leave the psyches free of this strength, so spirits will take off towards top levels ever reached ". Then, taking the sacred objects, he decided to proceed to the dissolution of the Yidam which disintegrated itself at present while leaving from extremities to succeed in finale, to an intense concentration of energy at the level of the heart. The llama continued:

- " Its apparition in the visible Spectrum is not obligatory and can be in the invisible: radio waves, infra-red, ultra-violets, X rays or ionizer radiances. The thickest walls won't resist to its penetration and will not prevent its demonstration inside a bunker at all ". For a Tibetan hermit, I found that he knew a lot of relative topics to our time. He told again:

- " In the same way, project your Yidam on a strategic place, your eyes will capture what it will see, your ears will hear what it hears, you will have access thus to a lot of secrets on the planet and in the other worlds. When a problem will seem to you crucial or difficult to surmount, don't hesitate to ask for the help of entities very evolved ". The llama continued again:

- " Restore ourselves a little my young friend because at dawn, we will ask together to Vajrakilaya entity to come in this place, so, you will become acquainted with. The llama indicated me that the entity in question would know surely, as soon as possible, to put end to a war in preparation. Then, I asked him why not to spread the demand to the liberation of his own country from the Chinese tutelage. The answer that he did let me perplexed.

- " You know, there are less than 1400 years, the founder of our Nyingmapa order, the big Padmasambhava, predicted in the detail the destiny of Tibet, the Chinese invasion, exactions and affirmed that this one would follow the dissemination of the tantric teaching on the planet, notably in West. Of this misfortune would be born a new hope. We are, with others, links of this uninterrupted chain of the tantric teachings maintenance. Your name in a far past was: Samten Ling-pa Neygro ". To the dawn in fact, the entity appeared and I was presented to him. The impact that this viewing let in my memory is not ready to fade away!



Back in Europe, I was in a hurry to satisfy my curiosity on the world that surrounds us, on the different places, declared secrets of our old earth, of our cosmos and, more boldly, on the other worlds, domain of evolved spirits but also, under-evolved. Descriptions that had given me the science and religions of it, Catholic then Buddhist, went them to find in agreement path? I doubted a few knowing that scientists are closed to what they don't understand, and that on the other hand, the stuffing of skull of the religious on the faith lacked substance. It was necessary to expect a discount in general question of my philosophy and concepts acquired, but I was there ready and would be the earliest the best.



In my quiet reserved room weakly illuminated by the small candle, I sit down on the comfortable armchair that serves me of meditation cushion. I will always remember the awful crunch of my knees that triggered several minutes the hilarious cluckings of my study mates when, right in the middle of a meditation that wanted deep, not holding the position anymore, I finally decided to stand up. It was necessary to all to take to zero and the llama counselled me henceforth to use a chair. One hour in the morning, the meditation becomes more affirmed. A soft heat announcer of a restructuring energy of my body has felt; sudden, above, appear the radius Yidam energy. Mentally I extract myself of my body, leave then by the top of my head, take possession of the mental creature and melt me completely with it. Our two energetic bodies only make one, my reflections direct his. An intense but pleasant heat invades me. Colours that I discern now are of a clarity and a purity that I didn't know in a little while. A lightness and an incredible agility permits me to do some great springing without effort. Alone, the thought is sufficient to accomplish my displacements. I now follow above the roof of the house and the clearing of this material barrier do not felt. Outside, although in full solar night, the ambient brightness is soft, general, shadeless, as emanating from a field by a general force. Facing, on the hill, trees and rocks of the cliff that edge the river, present accentuated contrasts, like a vibrant brilliance. I approach of water and, parking to a reach of hand, I examine. No reflection of my picture, the river seems nearly transparent whereas usually this water is troubled; I see the bed of the stream without difficulty. An old motor speedboats are there, a way of wreckage and a shoe seem hidden in silt, my curiosity propels me involuntarily in structures it even of the yet covered wreckage by close to one meter of alluvium. In the old completely rotted craft, be a man's skeleton; it is whereas parade before me events that occurred fifteen years before, the accident then researches led without result. No fear screw to screw of my physical body let in meditation enlivens me, however, by acquirement of conscience, I decide to be going to see how he looks likes in these new conditions. My head seems frozen, the complexion: deathly, the pulse: petty, the how stopped breathing, the very lower temperature to the normal. I seem dead. So it comes me then an idea, if that is the death, then why to cling to life so much? Why not to immediately well finish with a condition of living less pleasant than the one than I live currently? And if all that one had told me supposedly on the sin concerning the suicide was only a rubbish? The meeting that I did thereafter with an entity very evolved of another world, permitted me to see clearer there. This faculty to move in the time as in the space, without obvious frontier, without difficulty, without being seen and to the speed of the thought, suggested me to spread the prospecting farther, so, progressively, I took a shrewd pleasure to study closely, the secret military bases as well as the big and small assemblies where the important decisions are taken, while attracted by the brilliant energy emanating of the Ghent monastery in Belgium, I often took a rest, as spellbound by that created magic place there are 1350 years. Higher, the incredibly solar majestic system, let see its fields of strengths that until now were me unknown.



Spinning like a meteor still higher, the vision of the galaxy to this altitude becomes imposing. A crowd of questions never having any answer came to my reflection:
- Was there an architect capable of a so fantastic realization? - If yes, in what goal? - How started the universe? - The theory of the Big Bang is it exact? - The theory of the expansion of the universe is it right? - The theory of the universe closed is it real? - The theory of the chaos is it true? - Are there some parallel universes? - Does antimatter exist? - Are there other inhabitants that the earth ones? - What is there after the death? - Does the reincarnation exist indeed? - What is the becoming of the humanity? The flood of thoughts turns me the head, propels me in all directions, gives me the qualm, unstabilizes me completely and come me back brutally, to the starting point, in my frozen body.

I understood the lesson. These problems pass my capacities of understanding. Like suggested by the big llama, I should ask therefore for the help of entities very evolved if I want any answer to these existential questions.



The following day, put back of my emotions, I decide to take the experience, but this time, arrange in series the questions. The first one will be chronological: - How started the universe? - The entity that I intend to meet to answer to this question will be: Vairochana, of the Dharmakaya level the most elevated one, just below God I was told. I think a little about the lack of humility of this project but I think that after all, he must be best placed to answer to this question and that, if what one taught me is true, his goodness will be beyond of all intellectual consideration, this is not therefore the moment to be modest. The meditation is deep. The suggestion of the question to ask to the guide to meet is printed in my subconscious. The borrowing energetic body of the Yidam takes the relay of my physical body. I let myself carry by the field of thought that propels me to a dizzy speed toward the programmed destination and that I hope correct. The sky above me is a deep dark blue. A splendid sparkling dark blue radius now guides me and overheat the energetic centre of my heart. A marvellous attraction inhales me upwards. Radiations appear then, sudden, a human appearance silhouette emerges this stream of waves. Of white colour, the entity gives out a very important energy at the level of his heart of which radiuses clear concentric omnidirectional transparent rays, like a multitude of coherent lights describing a sphere where principals axes of coordinates, in the ten main directions, are accentuated. Light is so strong that I have pain to support the intensity but, at the same time, a way of fascination captivates me and
prevents all reflex of flight.

- " Hello friend earth man ". His right hand rose, palm toward me in a friendly gesture of welcome that reassures me. A luminous source springs the centre of this one, describing an arabesque that looks like a wheel whose eight cardinal directions are in surbrillance. This gesture of the hand that welcomes me also puts a brake to the attraction that was going to propel me directly to the centre of his heart, as in an imposing target, which cleared, I feel it, would not have permitted my return anymore in a body of which yet, I would have well passed. I don't know how to answer, I improvise and greet in an equivalent gesture thinking that here it must be the usual manner.

- " Hello friend Vairochana ". A smile draws on his radiant face, it is therefore that I was not incorrect. Oaf.

- " What are news of the Earth "? The question seemed superfluous, it knew all, but it was rather an entrance in matter.

- " Not brilliant. Life is difficult at home. There are fifty of our years, a war raged on all our planet; followed a sharing of this one in two camps: one based on the capital and the profit; the other, on the deprivation of liberties. Each wanting to impose its views, a race to arming began. The Earth now overflows with destructive weapons. A new war is in preparation. In another domain, poor are a majority that impoverishes more and more while the rich enrich again; on one hand: abundance, on the other: misery. In short, it's going to be bad ".

- " See Vajrakilaya of the Samboghakaya level; he is able to help you. Tells him your request. You asked me a relative question about the birth of universe, I believe "? I had completely forgotten the object of my visit .

- " Loosen you. Let your conscience free of all thought. I am going to take you to the source ".

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In the virgin space of a deep dark blue, a minuscule point of great concentration of energy emerges and gets in rotation on itself. Since this instant, the dimension time is creates. Under the effect of the centrifugal strength, the elementary particle divides in two animated identical contrary spins particles. The bipolarization of the universe is begun. These two particles are themselves in rotation around the main axis and generate between them an electromotive strength. This electromotive strength generates itself a main electromagnetic field that has for effect the cohesion of the core. At every rotation corresponds an electrostatic accumulation load that, passes a certain doorstep, cause two new divisions while giving out a coherent red light upwards in a controlled vertical component.



The centrifugal strength that ensues of this rotation generates an expansionist spiral that enlarges, such the embryo, in the matrix of the emptiness. This expansion will last until the end of the time parameter. The vertical component of light looks henceforth like a flame of a transparent red that ends in tip on the axis of rotation. Element fire is created, it will remain only in growth, according to a curve that recalls the beginning of a damped wave train. It is the first age of the universe. ELEMENT FIRE + ELEMENT AIR OR THE SECOND PERIOD

Circumferential speed of the fire mass in rotation has the effect of to stretch its periphery more and more toward the outside. The centrifugal strengths, no compensated in the same way by the centripetal strengths values, cause the transfer of particles in rotation around the central core towards more distant level, the spin of particles reverses while levels given back free, are supplied by newly divided other corpuscles. The colour generated by this energetic level is a pure green added to the red. Element air, component of a controlled centrifugal horizontal strength toward the outside is creates and coexist with the previous element.
It is the second age of the universe. The length and amplitude of its energetic level are half inferior at first. ELEMENTS FIRE + AIR + WATER OR THE THIRD PERIOD

The centrifugal continuing, transfers of levels continue too and intensify. Results a vertical downwards component of force that progressively balances the strength of element fire. A steam forms itself and the colour of this energetic level is a clear white. Water element is formed. According to the law of the damped wave train, the amplitude and the length of this energetic level are half inferior to the precedent. It is the third age of the universe. ELEMENTS FIRE + AIR + WATER + EARTH OR THE FOURTH PERIOD

In last, age in which we are currently, sees to appear the preponderance of the strengths of cohesion of the dense matter. The gravitational strengths that ensue the more and more important circumferential speed of the universe generate some more and more heavy chemical elements. The number of electrons and the energetic level layers, orbits of gravitation of atom electrons composing the chemical molecules increase, while transfers of layer to layer are given back easier, notably by the accessible energy quanta to the living species. The element aggregation of matter, sometimes called chemical ether, sometimes element earth, is formed. It will last until the end of the parameter time. Its length and energetic amplitude follows the same law that the previous level, that is to say that it is weaker two times. The colour that it gives out is a pure yellow at beginning.



The whole that I contemplate now has the shape of an immense cosmic sphere in rotation and in growth inside which floats an unlikely multitude of independent universes, identical between them, facts to the picture of the main sphere and surrounded each of an envelope that seems insulated to light. Only, the emergence of a luminous point situated to every pole, permits to glimpse a bundle of strength lines that escapes of it. In the rotating plan, four powerful radiuses mark the four cardinal directions and end by a rounded recalling the symbol of the crucial Dorge. To the centre of this main sphere, like the molecular arrangement of a sulphur crystal, I distinguish a regular octahedral double-pyramidal core that could be compared to two pyramids coupled between them by their bases of which the plan of junction spends by the equatorial plan of the universe, tops showing on the surface the outside to every pole.

- " Slip us inside this one ". says me my guide that, is said while passing, I will never thank enough for this fantastic and incredible jaunt to ends funds of the cosmos. Inside, the density of strength lines alternates from attractive to repulsive fields in a following of two times seven layers, making to the whole, fourteen layers, while leaving from the core toward the periphery, more the opaque external envelope. Layers are not regular but follow the same law that for the formation of the cosmos, they are dense and thick to the centre, in proportions of two on one to every layer. To the periphery, the centrifugal ejection of dense matter forms a rosary of galaxies that marries the same leading diagram. In parts where the field is attractive, matter can agglomerate, while antimatter resides in the repulsive field. The two strengths are the bipolar and levelheaded counterparts having course in all the creation.

- " These fields of strengths, and the creation in general, have been wanted in order to plant the decor allowing species in way of evolution to perfect by themselves. Come back another time, we will speak about again, in the same way, I will make you visit the other inhabited planets as well as some other worlds. At present, go in at home. To the next full moon, be going to see Vajrakilaya and submit him your demand ". We take head at 360, latitude 0, on the yellow beacon of our universe, how far Vairochana, my marvellous guide, takes back me. He tells me then:

- " See this pale blue wireless beam, follow it, your planet is to the tip, you cannot get lost ". The Earth, in this immensity, could not be of course distinguished. Understanding to what point I was petty, a big humility seized of me. I took leave, thanked heartily and promised to come back shortly to perfect my knowledge. The simple thought of my body that it was necessary to take all over again, gave me the flesh creep. Ah! What a shit!



The exam of the theatre that will become later the one of the war, hurled down my request to the entity Vajrakilaya responsible for these questions of the Samboghakaya close to that I had been introduced by my friend Tibetan monk. The meditation is launched. The programming by auto-suggestion of my subconscious begins. Twenty minutes later, the entity appears: a dark blue immense body. His open mouth takes out a growl of thunder. His hair of fire is surrounded of a multicoloured halo. His right hand holds a nine tips Dorge from where come out lightning and a noise of thunder. In the palm of his left hand: a mass of fire. Big blue-purple wings seem to vibrate like a radiance. His third central eye shines like a diamond. To the centre of his throat, an energetic source of a red transparent spear of coherent light radiuses. To the site heart, another luminous source again more intense and more beautiful, a deep and splendid dark blue gives out a multitude of radiuses of pure light of a phenomenal and so beautiful strength that I have difficulty escaping this attraction. He stands up on a way of sun. All his body seems flaming. Completely captivated, I am not afraid however, we already know us. Taking the same sign of welcome that Vairochana, he addresses to me in a powerful telepathic message:

- " Hello friend! What brings you this time?

- " Hello Vajrakilaya ", we have a problem on Earth. Vairochana counselled me to see you to this topic. A war is imminent. Could you help us?

- " Ah! Ah! Not yet out of the shit I see! I'm sick of you and your bloody minded! When are you going to quit your craps at the end? I'm fed up with you! " - Ouaah. The conversation takes a pace that I had not foreseen. I want to disappear and to let all in plan.

- " Sorry to have bored you. I thought that... " I sketch a vagueness good bye and get ready to vanish right now.

- " Good. Wait. I am not able to refuse anything to my Vairo pal. I will be going to see what can I do ". I started imagining what it could have occurred so by accident I had not had the good idea to be going to see Vairochana in first. Probably following the thread of my reflections, he becomes sudden more agreeable.

- " You know friend, to act as rectifier of harm is an ungrateful work. I am reluctant to do it when this is not necessary, that's why I am irritable. Don't be vexed with me friend. I will see your problem but I don't promise anything about the result. When a path is erroneous, it is sometimes necessary to come to that ". On this no reassuring explanation, this time, I leave.

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