The teaching of a guide

by Samten Ling-pa

Part 2

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6. I have something to tell you: the teaching of an alien guide

6.1 Matter: illusion
6.2 Unmaterializations or let's stop electrons to turn
6.3 Scientific research and spiritual research
6.4 The Cartesian science and miracles
6.5 Miracles are everywhere present
6.6 Physics and metaphysics: attraction - repulsion
6.7 Evolution and technology
6.8 Meteorology and unforecast established facts
6.9 Intelligence, instruction and humility
6.10 Wars, lust, pride and fear
6.11 Martial arts and spiritual approach
6.12 Of what the man need?
6.13 Goal of life: zero ego
6.14 Psychic content of the subconscious: strengths in presence
6.15 The subconscious or " spirit ": central unit and mass memory

7. Slow evolution of the humanity and reincarnation

7.1 Conditions of life
7.2 A psychodrama of five billions actors
7.3 We are all neurotics
7.4 Influences of the environment, hereditary, global, cosmic

7.4.1 Hereditary influence
7.4.2 Choices of parents
7.4.3 Choices of the place
7.4.4 Choices of the moment

7.5 The woman moon, changing, attached, sensory
7.6 The man sun, proud, aggressive, conqueror
7.7 The male energy in the woman
7.8 The female energy in the man
7.9 Difficulties of the couple life
7.10 Desire and love
7.11 Complementary, reciprocal help to the spiritual evolution
7.12 Matrimonial behavior
7.13 Sex and money, double-edged sword
7.14 The strong personalities
7.15 The first will be the last
7.16 The illness and the death are ineluctable
7.17 Symptoms of the death
7.18 The round of lives or the spiral of reincarnations
7.19 The rebirth under new conditions
7.20 Last physical life: no ego or when the fruit is mature
7.21 The body of matter: limited

8. The big religions goal

8.1 A moral code of conduct
8.2 Give and you will receive
8.3 Do not do to others what you don't want ones do to you
8.4 Prayer and telepathy
8.5 Prayer and self suggestion
8.6 Prayer or to make confidence to a saint more than to oneself
8.7 The woman: lower?
8.8 The church and the shame of the sex
8.9 Rituals: necessary or no?

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The course (220 Ko)

Forbidden resale - Copyright Samten Ling-Pa


As agreed, to the foreseen date, I disembodied myself and came back to see Vairochana. Straightaway and without formality he began: " I will show you how to discover the cosmos but before, I have some explanations to give about life and death. In last, I will give you the technic to use at the time of death ".



- Matter, is an illusion. As you saw, it has been formed, progressively, from elements of strengths that ensued from the rotation of the whole energetic primordial core. It follows that everything that exists is only a vast field of bipolar strengths of multiple components."



- " Suppose that to the level of an atom, we stop electrons to turn, centripetal and centrifugal strengths not balancing themselves anymore, it follows the emptiness with broadcast of energy. As you know it, the size of an atom's core is a thousand times hundred smaller, therefore petty in relation to electronic layer orbits. It is why it is said: the emptiness is the shape, the shape is the emptiness. In all senses of the words. In fact, to unmaterialize, it is necessary to stop the rotation of the main universe. Like an alternator without motor energy, the attractive and repulsive fields disappearing, all the building collapses, cores understood. Only, the one that launched the machine, the big boss, is able to stop it."



- " Your scientific researches based on the survey of matter and the technology are an incredible time loss. If you put the same energy for the spiritual research, you would make some immense progress. Actually, your science works to cross-current. To make a plant comparison, hence of the trunk, you launch all azimuths plural disciplinary researches, toward each branch, then toward each twig, toward each leaf, every molecule, every atom, every proton, and it would be necessary to continue, because a proton like a neutron divides of the same way, etc... the path is a dead end; it will be necessary to turn back to the trunk, only way to reach the summit, and to fly you. It is exactly what proposes the spiritual research."



- " Your researchers, full of self-dependence, have fear of the subjective reality. The left lobe of their logical brain unbalanced the system of the reflection. The right lobe, source of intuitive direct understanding, has been let for account. Fearing to lose their privileges acquired on bases of the reasoning, they put an impassable gate to the other shapes of thought. They deprive ipso facto, of a direct source of enrichment of knowledge.
In the impossibility to glimpse something else that what it feels, tackle, verifies many and many time, they refuse in block miracles, without putting themselves the question to know, why electrons and planets turn from themselves ".



- " Yet, miracles are everywhere present, under their eyes, and they don't see anything. The universe is a miracle, an atom is a miracle, and a mirage too. The life, a child's birth are some daily miracles. Matter is a shape of polarized energy. The depolarization of basis elements gives access to all possible transformations. These modifications don't have any interest on the human plan, therefore spiritual, but depolarization is the access path to the liberation of the subjective phenomenon, this mirage that is life in matter ".



- " In all the cosmos, fields of strengths are polarized and opposite. The physics as the chemistry, study corpuscular, atomic, molecular, energetic interactions and behaviours in the primordial energetic field mobility. It is in the same way of the metaphysics that studies interactions of the energetic fields of the living and the no living, in the same primordial energetic field mobility. All these fields of strengths are based on the one hand on the attraction, and the repulsion on the other hand. It is, on this big principle that has been built the universe. Golden jail for some, lugubrious prison for others, but jail in all cases ".



- " Don't believe that the evolution, that it is human or some other worlds are a technological evolution. It would be rather the opposite. The evolution for that we wait is the one of mentalities and the spiritual energetic levels. The west of your Earth promoted matter to star's rank without knowing that in less a quarter of second, everything that has been acquired can completely disappear for evermore. Spiritual evolution increases as well, otherwise better, at the primitive so-called peoples and without technological " means.



- " Your forecasting weather reports are an edifying example of cross-current scientific research.The enormous means put in work, as well in hardware, software, than in engineers are a dreadfully disappointing efficiency. Your forecasting are only observations where what already occurred will arrive, one hopes on a region, if wind doesn't change, without trying to understand why the depression or the anti cyclone occurred. To explain a decrease of temperatures, the advanced lapalissade is that a mass of cold air descended from the pole. You have beautiful to cram your computers of equations of de d'Alembert, Euler, Bernoulli and Torricelli, the survey of fluids in rotary or unrotary motions won't solve the problem. Admitting their limit, your engineers weather report finally folds back on figures, rejoining of the same stroke the common sense so much decried of elders. It would be useless to enter in explanations, the emergency is elsewhere ".



- " There is intelligent people without instruction and educated people without intelligence.
The memory, that plays an important role in the accumulation of the knowledge can prove to be a bothersome companion for that doesn't know how to master their impulses. This random-access memory, is developed at those been born under lunar influence. The memory of mass that is the subconscious has, as for it, properties well more attractive. The epistemology is not right on earth and the mould of the schools limit the mental possibilities. It is regrettable that no system of instruction or nearly, makes something to develop intuition and imagination. Some people in that way, would bring a certain balance and a little humility to your say modern societies ".



- " The main defect of consciences that are embodied on Earth to perfect their spiritual evolution is the pride. The Earth, as the other worlds in evolution, is situated in periphery of the main universe. As we saw it, peripheral speeds are important. It also follows attractive and repulsive strength bundles in exponential growth that apply, so much to matter than to subconscious when the ego is not equal to zero. It is therefore normal that in that
moment, difficulties of life are big. It prevents also, that you must become liberated from the pride, lust, aggressiveness, attachment and fear, if you want to avoid wars and other conflicts. Yet, even the destructive wars sometimes have their reason to be. When a generalized system is bad, it is often the only means to retake all from zero. The fear, as the other facets of mentalities, can improve and even disappear ".



- " The martial arts were taught to the young adepts, in temples, for several reasons: the first had for goal the self control while suppressing their own fear. The second was a physical counterpart to mental exercises of the meditation, interesting especially youngsters having difficulties to canalize their big energy. The third was to operate an energy transfer toward the sacred. Zazen posture and the short relaxation before the warming-up calm the mental. Zazen at the end of practice has reverberation a lot more on the energetic body; indeed, the breathing that must be calmed, demand a big effort of will because the carbonic acid rate in blood after the physical effort, begin to operate a turning of the regulation curve of the respiratory centre. If the voluntary maintenance of this insufficient ventilation is maintained, a beginning of asphyxia becomes and triggers in part the process of death. Evidently one doesn't go until there, but the control of the breathing becomes by this way easier. States of deep meditation always use a very weak breathing. The martial art practice is only a stage logically going to pure meditation."



- " To speak merely, humans, to live, need few things: to eat, to drink, to sleep, to clothe themselves if it is cold; to which it would be necessary to add: to study the metaphysics and to exercise the meditation. The complication in which your desires led you is not necessarily one
brake because, far to facilitate you life, it shut you in a system where tolerance is obligatory and from where the exit, if it is wanted, require a total abnegations."



- " It is going without saying, that life has a goal. This permanent miracle has been wanted. When you will be able to see your past lives, you will perceive the immense browsed path. It is sure that then you would not like to come back again. The goal of life is to suppress all personality, to crush the " ego " so that it doesn't remain any vestigial strength. It is probable that to this place, your readers, disconcerted, will believe that they read badly either that it is about an impression mistake. Not at all, it is well the truth. To this topic, it is necessary to recall here that it is quite regrettable to note that consultants and psychologists in business number pain, organise seminaries on the theme of the self-assertion. This difference, this gate that they build between one and others, this culture of the ego, go in opposition to the goal of life. When these people will be confronted to the disembodiment of their subconscious, they will see that they are finally very petty in the immensity of the spirit tank where values are reversed. Less the " ego " is strong, more elevated is the level. Considered quite well, you could think that it remains you a lot of path to browse, however, don't forget that you are currently under the influence of a strength field that amplifies the obvious shortcomings voluntarily. It should put you a little balm to the heart ".



- " The personality of each, of the " self ", therefore of the ego, is the agglomerate of strengths that remains in psychic content of the subconscious. These strengths, when they are not equal to zero, placed in the primordial energetic field after the death of the physical body, cause hallucinatory phenomena extremely laborious to support. To the inverse, an no-ego is submitted to no attraction nor no repulsion; he moves then without difficulty, finds the exit's path out of the sphere-jail. It is the liberation, the final goal of an impressive number of lives. The disruptive strengths are the following: Strengths of repulsion: anger, pride, selfishness, jealousy, fear. Strengths of attraction: desire, lust, greed, attachment ".



- " When the subconscious (one could say " spirit "), is embodied in a physical body, it is to evolve. In this lapse of time, he gets in training. Like a computer fitted out of artificial intelligence software, he chooses himself the best path to go to the result. The achieved choices are compared permanently to the files " ego " placed in resident memory. The law of effects facing the disruptions caused to the setting by behaviours, trigger feedbacks that modify and enrich this same files " ego ". In the same way to this resident memory, all past and present life acts are recorded in the subconscious as in a mass memory. During sleeping periods of the physical body, a rearrangement of files takes place ".






- " To modify the disruptive files of the ego, there is three solutions: the normal life, with all its problems of interdependence in relation to others; it is the slow evolution.
Another solution consists in accelerating the training while being going to touch consciously to the disruptive files; it is the meditation, the auto-suggestion, auto-hypnosis. Finally, exists a last possibility reserved to people sufficiently evolved and well guided, it is the tantric meditation where sexual energy is used to illumination, to disembodie temporarily his self spirit, to travel in the cosmos or anywhere. The method explained in end of interview will carry on this high-level teaching that will become therefore accessible to all, the emergency imposes it." (see the condensed course).



- " In the slow evolution, the aggregation of matter and conditions of life planted the decor of a psychodrama to the global ladder. Each is an actor and express his own personality while influencing the middle where is played the play. Reactions are numerous, dense, sometimes dramatic. If conditions of life were excellent, there would not be any spiritual evolution.
When they are surmounted - it goes from one, for the good of the other - more conditions are difficult, more progress are fast ".



- " In our psychodrama, all actors are neurotic. It goes from the light neuroses to the serious neuroses. Accessories of the decor are called: money, power, sex. To give an example, let's suppose that the neurosis has for canvas the jealousy: to heal it, the sick subconscious will be embodied for example in man's body, which will find on his path a woman of which it will be in love and that will deceive it. Difficulties will begin. When he will achieve that, nor the body, nor his woman's love doesn't belong him, he will let go and will be healed. Generally, each helps himself mutually, the neurosis of one being complementary of the other ".




- " When a subconscious is embodied on earth, it already took knowledge by himself of his content, decided only or with the help of a guide, the best way to return to the school of life; it doesn't make himself any gift. For this new personal emancipation mission, he chooses the best adapted theatre and for it does three choices: the one of parents, of the place, of the moment of his reincarnation. The heredity, reach by the parental hindrances, will give the physical aspect as well as the maladjusted tendencies that he should endeavour to improve during his life ".



- " Psychologically, the child's dependence, do a very malleable case until seven years. The choice of parents is therefore important for this double reason, hereditary and psychological. When he is out of a physical body - as it is the case between two reincarnations - free of this collar, the subconscious is endowed of supernormal powers that permit him to project the five usual senses of the energetic body toward the place of bigger affinity; the law of least resistance also applies there. The vision that he will have of the various futures potential parents, will permit him to make his choice ".



- " The choice of the rebirth place is important by the fact that of it will depend the access or no to the religious type teachings and the meditation, or if, the country as being deprived, only a psychological gain will be able to be hoped. Another dawns relative instead of rebirth, is the one of the astrological house. The influence of planets and stars is, you know it, different according to the place and the instant, on the one hand, of the fertilization, on the other hand, of the birth ".



- " The sun, the moon, then, with less importance: planets and in short, stars, influence characters, as even life. The establishment has beautiful laughter of such affirmations, it only prevents no one can deny that without the sun, life would not exist. What is true for the sun, is right for all the system. The interaction of heavenly bodies in rotation generates the magnetic, electric, electrostatic and gravitational strengths that influence such or such part as much as characters of the living bodies."



- " The woman is by nature, dependent of the lunar influences. The fast rotation of the natural satellite of your planet generates some cyclic disruptions on all liquids, that they are in the human body or on Earth. The blood, the lymph and the hormonal secretions are under its dependence. Hormones poured in the circulation make that the woman, at whom,
the influence appears the more, is changing as phases of the moon. Otherwise, one can say that she is generally more sensory. Having a polarization of his body opposed to the one of the man, she has a natural predisposition to use the right lobe of her brain. The woman is attached have says us, she is also, endearing. This ascendancy, this fascination that the man develops to her, is the one of the desire, of the sexual and emotional complementary.
Her fluctuating nature makes that, when the man believes to possess her, she escapes. Experimenting this faculty that she knows disconcerting, she uses of her charm and the sex says strong, in the waiting to be satisfied, experiment, him, the tolerance, the patience, so much and so well, that at home, it is often her that carries the panties. A Tibetan proverb says that: " outside, the hairs of the pubis are soft but inside, that pricks ".
Actually, the woman doesn't feel the same sexual needs that his mate. The particular characteristic of her constitution permits him as regards to the pleasure, possibilities that the man is incapable to procure. Him, yet so proud of his virility, cannot sustain the comparison. This wanted unbalance since the beginning has for goal to evolve, and you know what wants to say this word. As regards to the pleasure, the woman is relatively independent, on the other hand, on the emotional plan, she is not at all ".



- " If the woman often dictates at home, the man makes it in the middle where he can finally shine: facing others, of his competitors. He wants to impose his views, even though he is not sure of anything. This natural tendency not to want to lose the face that he appraises radiant, pushes often in difficult situations where he puts all his energy to solve problems in which his lack of humility placed him. Often comparing to higher than him, he vies of tricks to delight the pole position. This wild race in direction of success, stirred by media and the advertising, stress but stimulates him; it becomes a game where losers, let for account, are shown of the finger. The goal of life is according to them: work, fiddle, possession, pleasure. To acquire work and wealth, he instructs on the best way to arrive there, not hesitating to use cunning to cut down his victims better. The most prestigious schools are those where the more efficient and fastest methods of enrichment are taught. When the economy and money are not anymore the main motor, the man manages to be a chief. The power that he acquires facing others heightens him, he is proud and the mischief that he puts to hide of a chaste veil joy that procures his position conceals rather bad his false modesty and his rears reflections of conquests. Arrived in key stations as the politics, he surrounds him of precautions in order to not to bring down again the ladder that he has just climbed. He puts in place structures that will permit him to keep his power and to spread it, not hesitating to buy false Gallup polls, perjurers and false staging to better uninform the public opinion. He constitutes an army, expense without counting in weapons while the poor let on the road have hardly of what to feed. Friends form a clan that uses copiously, store, puts side for days without glory, one never knows."



- " However, this bipolarization of life is attenuated. Each possesses in himself the complementary part that permits to balance his character and his energies. On the hormonal plan, it results in a secondary sexual character weakening. The evolution of mentalities demand necessarily an effort; one doesn't reprogram some unsettled files without energy. When a subconscious is embodied in a new body, shortcomings of the character, express themselves in attractive and repulsive strength values, it can be racism, cupidity, etc ...Suppose that the sum of all past lives, had for result to get a subconscious where the major defect is the pride. To cut down, to grind down, this erroneous pick, the subconscious in question, in his next incarnation, will fit, let's admit, the body of a modest social condition woman, for example, a cleaning woman. Repeated humiliations of this underprivileged condition will print in her new subconscious files to enrich her knowledge and to modify as one saw it, the path of research. He could also fit a man's body that will arrive to a prestigious station. An apparently unexpected event, but programmed however before his rebirth, will arrive like a hair on soup to make collapse the fantastic castle of map. The hold of conscience of the illusion of the previous situation will arrive to the same result. On the metaphysical plan, the energetic body, retort of the flesh body and seat of the subconscious, can take all ways of polarization. To this level, a woman has her own male complementary."

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- " What is true for the woman, is true of course for the man. A man has his own female complementary. Says otherwise, the energetic body is potentially hermaphroditic. The man's aggressive predisposition makes that at home, the right side of his body has a preponderance over the left side, that him, on the other hand, is more active at the more attached woman. The nervous fibber crossing at the head level makes that for this part of the body, it is rather the inverse that happens. This energetic unbalance is the motor of the sex bringing together. The desire and the attachment, not only sexual, but also to money, to the power, to possessions, to privileges, polarize the left side of humans, whereas the right side, him, is very active, in behaviours of anger, of arrogance, of sufficiency, of selfishness. In fact, it is a few more complicated, the anger, develop a strength component, in front of the body; the pride, on the right side; the desire, behind; the jealousy, on the left of the person. But don't complicate. All these unbalanced energies can be back at work consciously, we will see it by the way of the meditation. A certain shape of depolarization now appears on Earth, it is homosexuality but, the sexual desire not being eliminated, it follows this anomaly that is only, nevertheless, a stage ".



- " The contrary polarization of characters and of male and female energies, drag some stormy relations inevitably if temperaments are strong. The sexual desire brings to the copulation but, the constitutional unbalance of the two sexes: the woman, multi orgasmic and slow; the man: mono orgasmic and fast, disrupt the hormonal secretions and the system, far to self regulate, carry away. Dissatisfaction gets settled, reproaches break out, comparisons
are done, follows the jealousy, you know the following. It's sure that sexuality is a big problem. Under the dependence of the central nervous system, the instinct is invading, the ascendancy of will, weak, it is the major difficulty. The impulse that gives the physical birth, is the most difficult to surmount. Technics exist to face this heavy handicap. We will see it with the tantric meditation but I can tell you from now on that when the man will accept without rancour, without jealousy nor desire, this shift of possibilities to the woman's advantage, he will be about to be healed of his sexual neurosis. You see, we are not on the same wavelength that sex therapists. To take care of the pain by the pain is a difficult but efficient evolution school. When a subconscious where predominates the jealousy is embodied in a woman's body and in a place where the polygamy is the rule, the " remedy of horse " imposed to the forsaken wife enriches her experience to the point that in a life this neurosis is often healed ".



- " If the desire is a blemish to heal, it doesn't go some in the same way with regard to the love that has for foundation tolerance, goodness, and no the love for the only reason that it brings you something because in this case, it is called attachment, desire, the one to be satisfied. The sexuality is a difficult strength to canalize. It's exploited in tantric meditation but require predispositions that all humans don't possess. The love - goodness feared not to be exploited badly. This strength is also important because it reduces the strengths of aggressiveness and attachment. Weapons of the female seduction are numerous. Women know very well how to use them. Until diagram printed in the subconscious makes of the woman an desirable object, it proves that it remains a residual polarization to eliminate. What is true for the man is true of course for the woman ".



- " That says complementary says opposition. These difficulties of the complementary life oblige to continual sacrifices facing the other, therefore, to a weakening of the ego.
The woman depending for example on her husband for money, his wife's dependent on husband for domestic tasks and to raise children. What applies to the life of couple, apply to all domains of life in society. No one being omniscient, plural disciplinary makes its path; such a man or such more competent group in a domain, depends nevertheless of another one for what is not his specialty. This dependence generates tolerance while reducing self-centeredness, what is in agreement with the virtue of love - goodness ".



- " A life of couple, married officially or no, brings, one saw him, many problems: jealousy, adultery, selfishness, the emotional emptiness when this is not the hate, to only mention some of them. I can tell you that a perfected woman or husband should be able to feel no jealousy, therefore nor repulsion nor attraction. That a husband, conscious of his wife's constitutional difference would have to feel some attraction nor repulsion, being able to accept this sexual possibility shift. We will speak about it by the way of tantric meditation."



- " The sex, as well as money, can be watched of two ways with however a clean advantage for the first. Used toward the lust, a dependence gets settled, spiritual progress are slow.
Used toward the sacred, the independence replaces it and progress are very rapids. Money, the second modern society weapon, must be seen only as an exchange and interdependence tool. In this case, more exchanges are numerous, more tolerance about customs and different points of view go crescent. Those that extol protectionism and racism go in opposition to the spiritual progress goal."



- " The law of the terrestrial evolution according to Darwin makes that the strong dominates and choke the feeble. This is true (on the material plan because on the spiritual plan, values are reversed) it is why the earth is populated of domineering elements in this end of cycle. Sex and money, the big muzzles, the opportunists and climbers know and know how to use them, as for careerists, they constantly dig, themselves, the hole that buries them. All their successful, on the social plan evidently, because on the spiritual plan, there, they aren't up to the job and it's not going to the Mass on Sunday that they will do any progress. Death insurance doesn't exist."



- " Actually, I state, happy are poor, the humbles, the wretches, the submitted, they won a lot. The social elite, now glorified, will make pale face when denuded, their mind will reveal their shortcomings. Turning toward themselves, they won't finish to abuse, conscious in short, to be let trap themselves. The lure of matter disappeared will disconcert them to the point to ask for a new incarnation in the most miserable condition. Alas, may be it will be too late for this time, unless the big boss decides otherwise ".



- " It is rare that an evolution makes himself quickly in pleasant conditions.
It is in the tragic moments that the set free-takes beneficial operates its revolution of mentalities. Among these tragedies, the illness comes to reveal the sad condition of a flesh body; however, abnegations that it generates, although no agreed at the beginning, comes to calm the ardour of desires what they are and health seems then the most precious good. Certainly, the illness is not desirable. Good number among them has for starting point an accentuated energetic unbalance. The western medicine, like all sciences of this part of the earth, is based on the concrete, therefore on the matter body solely. The oriental one takes in account the energetic medicine, that is associated with traditional treatments. Networks of acupuncture and their outlets at the level of skin, are the accessible knots of adjusting of the energetic body and the physical body. This science has been taught in China, there are millennia and medical men of this time were always clairvoyants, for them the energetic body was visible. Obscurantism of this end of age has nearly to do disappear these evolved people to such good purpose that remainder only some that one can count on fingers of the two hands. It is useless to insist in the act that the eight tenth among them are Tibetan. The aura of the sick person indicates still the weak points, therefore to stimulate, and the strong points, to disperse. Unbalances appear long before the illness clinical lecture declared. This characteristic is therefore exploitable to warn rather than to heal. If it is true that an illness must be taken care of, it is as important to take care of the pain that occurs after the energetic anomaly. This second phase of alert is the buzzer that sounds the alarm, the emergency imposes itself. However, always arrives a limit and the death is ineluctable, what-that one does. This reality will never be denied, nor by the science, nor by any method. Technical meditations that, by secondary effect, stop the aging, that we will see farther, don't depart to this rule. The old age and its share of disarray yet has the good. The growing dependence obliges the mental to review to the decrease his pretensions. The education of the detachment intensifies. When the instant of the death sounded, enormous possibilities of liberation immediately occur. Technics to succeed this delicate passage exist. We will speak about it farther ".



- " The anxiety of a dying is comprehensible because, having no previous life memory, he doesn't have of his previous deaths no more. I am going to explain you sensations felt by the dying, in parallel with the aspect that takes his body. First of all: the body loses little by little of his strength then is not controlled anymore. He seems like under a big weight. He loses his colour and muscles of the face relax. Eyes become disturbed and cannot move anymore. A vision of a silvery blue, like a mirage, appears to the dying. In a second time: an impression of cold sensation occurs while he loses the notion of pain and pleasure more and more. He doesn't make the difference between the mental and physical perceptions while the memory of sensations dims. Secretions dry up. He nearly don't hear and the background noise of his ears declines. The vision of a smoke appears. In a third time: A feverish heat impression, however attenuated by the progressive general loss sensation occurs, while the heat of the body lowers progressively and that he cannot digest foods. His breathing becomes difficult, the expiration more strong and longer that the inspiration. He can't recognize neither his family nor his friends and cannot remember his name. He doesn't detect odours. A vision of fire sparks appears. In a fourth time: an impression of explosion of atoms of the body is discerned whereas he is in the impossibility to move. The dying doesn't have any more interest for the outside activities and doesn't have an idea on any needs. The breathing stops. The tongue contracts. The gland of penis becomes blue. The taste and the touch don't discern soft or irritating excitations more then, the gustatory sensation dies out completely. The vision of a blue and red light grain appears. Then, begin the process of disembodiment of the subconscious. We will see it subsequently ".



- " The Catholic church, that didn't make the difference between physical and subconscious body, consider only one existence of the body on Earth. This idea is absurd and go in opposition to laws of the spiritual evolution. The decadence of religions is the reason of it. The accumulation of translation mistakes and the incompetence of priests across centuries made born this utopia. It is necessary to turn toward the old civilizations where the progress could not tarnish completely the ancestral cultures worthy of interests if you want to glimpse the truth. To detractors of the subjective thought who argue while saying that the increase of the terrestrial population is a proof of the impossibility of the reincarnation, only say this: the tank of evolution waiting spirits is huge and the sum of incarnated and unincarnated spirits is constant. The interruption of the conscious access to the mass memory that is the subconscious, has been wanted. If it was not, the previous lifes visions would give the dizziness and comparisons made would develop a nostalgia of more comfortable passed existences. Far to serve the evolution, it would be a brake. This loss of memory become to the precise moment where the energetic subconscious introduces between spermatozoon and the ovum under fertilization, inside a human uterus in the general case but no obligatory. We will speak about it. The body of flesh is far to be perfected, we know it. He is only an instrument. It would be good not to hang to it. Every embodiment is a trauma, probably necessary, but not desirable ".



- " Every reincarnation in a human body does while taking account, as seen already, of the astrological conditions of the fertilization and birth moment, theoretically nine months later. For this reason, the length can be modulated and a premature childbirth has, sometime, been searched for at the beginning. Of this infernal round, slow and traumatic, it is necessary to wish to extract to the more quickly as possible. It doesn't serve to run after the glory and money. Clear the step that takes to the liberation out of matter. Learn technics that will permit you a takeoff toward the eternal light of your own subconscious that is also the one of God from now on. Know to recognize that if your condition of existence is little enviable, all odds are then your side to succeed the passage. One doesn't fasten on to when one has nothing to lose ".



- " A perfect human being that lives his last existence on Earth has a " no-personality ", a " selfishness " null, his " ego " is equal to zero. This affirmation already stated can surprise whereas the praise of the big, those that manage, of those that succeed, extol the opposite. I recall you all over again that attractive and repulsive strengths don't occur anymore in the state that I described. The metaphysics of the liberation imposes its path. Of course, it is difficult to be perfect, if you had been before being born again, you would not be there. The liberation would have been total. A mature fruit falls alone. A fruit nearly mature can however be help. I will speak about it with liberation technics and also with meditation technics."



- " The future of the man and the woman, is not in the matter. All thing has an end. When a condition of existence doesn't progress anymore, why to continue? What waits for humans is in another dimension, more imposing, where liberty, equality, fraternity, means something. This dimension that we wish for maximum people is not in matter. We want it definitely out of time, space and of all strengths system. This big work is called the definitive liberation. I often repeat myself but, I will never insist enough. The final struggle, not the one of the international of Communists, but the one of each, is to know technics that I am going to learn to you. (see the course on this site)





- " The rule of conduct imposed by the big religions and their cortege of chiefs embarrasses of doctrines without importance on the metaphysical plan. It's sufficient to know that all character that feels attachment or aversion for something, will be embarrassed in the passage of the death. It's true that a moral code is necessary. Tolerance, goodness, helps, liberty, must be in rear task of all social and communal foundation. When the disruptive strengths in presence are big, exercises are counseled ".



- " The training of the giving develops a strength at the level of the energetic heart center that goes, we saw it, to counterbalance the strength of attachment. A greedy or avaricious person who takes the use to give, for example to most underprivileged, create a path that recenters his energetic body. The " chakra " of the heart, is the obligated cross point to reach the perfection.
giving, the church knows. Treasures accumulated to the thread of centuries; successions of the dying nearly extorted dishonestly; the remunerative financial investments and mafia ties are not an edifying example. She distributes that is true, and all is not black. Priests, after all, are only humans under evolution, however, some have abnegations that makes pleasure to see ".



- " I believe that it is useless to insist on this point that speaks alone. In all system of strengths, action equal reaction and what one do, acts as much on our self than on the others. If this simple moral code was applied, wars, obviously, would not exist and besides, the path of the final liberty would have good odds to open up ".



- " The energetic center of the heart is the most important. The balance of strengths in this place puts us in telepathic relation with the one that makes the demand. We can thus guide, to illuminate, to demarcate the upward path of liberation. The deliverance by this central path will be total, most elevated; it takes to God, and you, humans, are able of this. Useless to say that prayers of the kind: give me the wealth and I will pay you a Mass of thanks doesn't have any luck to be granted. If sometimes such a request succeeded, it is that it will be able to better understand, later, the pointlessness of the thing. As for Mass, no need to go in a church to pray, unless the environment inspires you."



- " The prayer, often decried, doesn't have only this function of guide or help. The subconscious has his central anchorage point at the same level chakra, the one of the heart, it is therefore possible to reprogram by oneself the erroneous files. This new programmation takes place of the following way: Suppose that having done an objective survey of your personality, you appraised, that in light of teachings as the one here, you are finally too quick-tempered. Install you in your armchair, disconnected telephone and door locked; hands resting on thighs, the lids slightly closed. Calm your breathing and endeavor to have only one thought, the one of the result to get, positive, defect defeated. Imagine yourself in a contradictory situation: one attacks you. See your fearless behavior, eyes and the relaxed stance, no combative, subjects enter by an ear, leave by the other, without offending you; He sends you his fist in the face, you avoid adroitly, impassive; think that the alcohol could have tampered temporarily his way to see things or that the fear drove him in this situation; act in way not to be concerned by his attitude and send a undramatizing thought as the one to offer him a beer or other. Imagine the action with a friendly outcome. The printed diagram will be able to be repeated in the evening, just before lulling you.
The auto-suggestion will continue the night. Don't hypnotize you by someone else than yourself. To depend on an outside will is unhealthy, unless a post-hypnotic suggestion passed you the relay even though..."



- " For people who didn't exercise the meditation and that, therefore, are not accustomed to the spiritual exercise gymnastics, a possibility exists however to arrive to the liberation. The fact to put back himself to a saint, that is real or fictional, makes that when visions will appear after the death, the subconscious that becomes disembodied will believe to recognize his sanctified friend and, making him confidence, won't be frightened. While putting back to him, he will melt in the light of his own heart ".



- " It is a pity that the church believed good to depreciate the woman. Would be able to the creator that his metaphysical conception didn't balance the couple? It seems rather than, anxious to preserve their privileges concerning supernatural powers, they have not yet a lot, priests passed jealously under silence the female strength. All secrets of the sexual alchemy exist in basements of the Vatican as at Rose-crosses and the Straightforward Masons to only mention them. Nearer the truth, Anglican church feels a lot of difficulties to do the Catholic brother entrenched behind his barricades admit her point of view and that camps on her position. Female energies, far to be the man's wound, is his necessary counterpart. A prostitute may be a sure value concerning spiritual evolution.
Evidently, all woman isn't prostitute but even though, progress that she can generate are not insignificant. We saw that in metaphysics, the woman is the equal of the man. In life, it is in the same way. In ancient times, it has been said that when women will carry the trousers, the end of times will be near. You are there nearly. We are going to come back there."



- " When an adept enters in religion, the Roman church manage to turn out the sexuality. All sins seem to come from there. To conjure the problem, a blockage is created and the opposite sex is cursed. In short, a real repulsion, or sometimes a no admitted attraction takes birth. Far to take care of his neurosis, he aggravates it. Confessions on the topic make it blush, he is mad about pornographic details and when a naive seems accessible to his blemish, he vies of stratagems to reach in hiding place the sex that makes it drool so much. Some missionary that want, at all costs, to impose their laws on far-off under-developed countries, (but evolved often more that them as regard to the strengths of nature), find joys in these populations that they would not like to see revealed. Yet, at the more educated monks, one knows the strength of the sexuality. Foods and the aphrodisiac potions in all kinds were and used again in goals of holiness goal, mistakes have been committed there also. Do what I say but do not what I do. The adage is clear ".



-"All the pomp of which surrounds the churches and temples has two reasons: first is to call entities to help the beginners, the second is roughly about showing invisible energies for now but that will be visible after the death and the way to act to liberate the spirit. In a second time, the prestige that it inspired to eyes of supporters corrupted mentalities progressively, the mini war of chiefs operated the mutation and to mark its rank, the hierarchy put gates. It is not more possible to meet a prelate without a late ceremonial. Rituals, where hides the symbolic of accessories, has however the privilege to attract the crowd of the curious lovers of flashiness. Their subconscious that instructs to its contact, in spite of them, can help, in a certain measure, very minimal it is true are regard of meditation possibilities but interesting at the beginning. It is however sad to note that the main goal of the supporter gait is the most often to make notice them by the very thinking establishment; the subtle dragnet and it " have-you-seen me " doesn't save temples and churches. We will see the symbolic of accessories later, but for the meantime, know that the spiritual progress will be very faster if you follow the method that I am going to continue to teach you (see the method on this site). Don't lose too many times, the moment is not very far where the application should take place and I hope that the biggest number will know how to do ".

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