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by Samten Ling-pa Rimpoche

Condensed Tantric Tibetan Meditation Course

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" Develop your Paranormal Powers"

Here is the taught technic, without flourish, ruffian, not to say steep, where, by the meditation and concentration, the sexuality is used to the spiritual ends, to develop your clairvoyance, telepathy, recovery, disembodiment and other paranormal powers, that each possesses in the latent state, even animals.

It means, actually, that the sexual energy is deviated, and even mentally reversed , while remaining potentially strong.

The result that you will get, will pass the setting minimalist power obtaining since it will permit you, after your death, to free yourself completely of all rebirth in a new embryo, that, no doubt about it, is the ultimate goal, all religions only say that, even though it's not very clear at present time.

The tradition wants that the sun (therefore its energy) is joined to the masculine sex whereas the moon is to the feminine one, therefore, at the time of concentration exercises, if you want, you can replace a term by its correspondent.

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1. Concentration, autogenous training and energetic recentrage

2. Concentration, auto-hypnosis and cardiac energetic recentrage

3. The energetic body, retort of the physical body

4. The energetic centers

5. What it is necessary to exercise

6. Preparatory convenient method

7. Depolarization

8. The four increases of powers

9. Drilling and activation of your energetic centers

10. Final method: meditation on the emptiness of thought

11. Your mantra

12. " Powa ": spiritual ejaculation, mystical orgasm and illumination

13. Use your paranormal powers

Copyright Samten Ling-Pa

Though these 2 first exercises are not about tantric meditation, they are really convenient to begin

1. Concentration, autogenous training and energetic recentrage

A simple, and little dangerous method, to recentre the seven energetic centers consists to exercise the autogenous training.

Seat down comfortably, disconnected telephone, closed door, quiet breathing, half-closed lids. (You can also remain up)

Do so that your two nostrils are cleared. If this is not the case, compress the cleared nostril and oblige the air progressively to pass by the other one (without forcing) while imagining the retraction of small horns. If indeed you don't arrive there, stop the red wine (and maybe sugar, if your physician is not against), either take care of your liver.

To recentre perineum center: imagine that the seat of your armchair is actually the surface of a two meters sides square (7 feet) and draw diagonals mentally. The intersection will evidently give the imaginary or virtual center.

Place your perineum mentally on this center and try to maintain your concentration during some minutes on this mental superposition, while doing so that all sides are discerned globally, with the same intensity.

Fig 19.3.1 Perineum center and the ascending central channel

You can improve the visualization while imagining the center over brilliancy, but most important is to maintain the equidistant sides.

Attention, don't abuse this exercise too much, if it has the advantage to generate a vasodilatation of the sacred plexus (interesting for those that lack zing) it can drag a prostate hypertrophy on the other hand at the aged men.

For all superior centers, do the same thing but imagining a circle instead of a square (horizontal plan).

Finish by the depolarization exercise (Go to 7)

Fig 9. Principal energetic centers

It is a center on which you will never work too much, it is the one of the heart. It will bring you calmness and serenity. I am going to come back there.


2. Concentration, auto-hypnosis and cardiac energetic recentrage

There are little difference between autogenous training and auto-hypnosis. The first tries to provoke, by the thought, a relaxation or an action on the body, while auto-hypnosis, permits to modify the character in addition.

If the training on the cardiac center is beneficial, it is much more when a personal suggestion is associated there.

(By the way, I recall that the auto-suggestion exercised in the elitist schools, that consist in persuading that oneself is the best, goes all in opposition with a superior teaching, to the metaphysical sense of the term, because it develops the pride, therefore the ego, what one tries precisely to suppress depolarizing the energetic body. It is necessary to cultivate the humility on the contrary! Practically impossible at the present hour will say me where competition is the rule. I agree, but try nevertheless! It will be meritorious).

Here is an exercise of auto-hypnosis that goes in the common sense:

Take the previous conditions of relaxation.

Imagine your circle around the cardiac center, well centered.

Dilate its diameter mentally until ten meters while imagining clearly the four main directions (without doing turn the radius at present).

Fig The cardiac center must radiate symmetrically

Copyright Samten Ling-Pa

Loosen you more and more until a numbness of all your members has felt.

Do to yourself the following suggestion: " There is no difference between love and hate ".

(This auto-suggestion can seem aberrant, however it annuls progressively aggressiveness and attachment that are two obstacles on path of the progression).

Maintain your concentration during 3 minutes after the beginning of the numbness.

Finish the exercise while decreasing the imagined diameter progressively, until it only remains a minuscule point, that you make finally dissolve completely (still to the heart).

Finish by the depolarization exercise (Go to 7)

In the evening, before lulling you, put you back mentally in the same conditions, the suggestion will continue itself during the night.


3. The energetic body, retort of the physical body

There are few big principles:

1) In a living body, the energetic body that is bound to him until the death is the androgynous retort of the flesh body.

2) The energetic body is ordered by the voluntary thought that has his seat, contrary to what you could believe, at the heart energetic center.

3) The newborn thought is then fitness at the brain physical level.

4) The cardiac center, or rather his third concentric interior level, is the seat of the spirit.

Fig 038 The beaming energies of the three centers: head, throat, heart.

5) The cardiac center is therefore the seat of the spirit.

6) The energetic body radiates energies only visible by the third eye, and the even more discerning eye of the spirit, it is the aura, or the glorious body of religions. (Some Tibetan say that the aura of some big deceased masters is sometimes visible to everybody and that the term of aliens suits them perfectly).

7) The given out radiuses are intense and facts of a coherent light.

8) The energetic body is in relation with the strengths of the universe and can reach these.

9) These energies are huge. If you doubt of it, see the sun and its temperature.

10) The energetic body has his points of anchorage to the body of flesh by the energetic centers, acupuncture points and the sexual nerve endings.

11) The energetic body is endowed of supernormal powers (some say aliens).

12) The energetic body maybe projected voluntarily (mentally) out of the physical body (controlled disembodiment).

13) He can be mentally multiplied (bilocation, multilocation).

14) He can modify his size or his appearance (still by the voluntary thought).

15) At the death's time, the energetic body concentrates to the cardiac chakra then escapes by the top of the skull (if all goes well).

16) The process of disembodiment of the spirit is always the same (except that he can escape by another energetic door of the body that the one of the top of the head, according to the reached spiritual evolution level).

17) Bipolarization makes that the energetic centers that should be normally centered on the axis of the body, are actually often baffled, neuroses disrupt the energetic body.


4. The energetic centers

There are seven main energetic centers, all centered on the backbone and the head:

1) The first is at the perineum. It is in relation with the telluric and gravitation strengths of the dense matter, the " earth " element. The female energy given by the mother concentrates there.

2) The second is situated at the bladder level. It is in relation with the downward " water " element strengths.

3) The third is at the navel level. It is in relation with the upward " fire " element strengths and the digestion. Its channel is located in the middle of the ependym.

4) The fourth, at the heart level, is in relation with the levelheaded strengths of the " air " element, the cardiac plexus, and with the narrow passage of the liberating central channel. A symmetrical bifurcation distributes this energetic level toward the two hands while borrowing meridians of the heart and the master of the heart of the acupuncture (it is these channels that permit to send your energy, for example to heal). It is in relation with the eye of the spirit and the universal love. This center is very active at people who are reincarnated voluntarily to help others.

5) The fifth, at the level of the throat, is in relation with the cohesion matter strengths, the magnetism, the electrostatic strengths, plexus thyroïdian, the prana, energy of the air and its assimilation by the physical body. The supernormal power of this center is in relation with the life and the death. It is the "ether" element, sometimes called lotus. The strength of mantras starts here, it is the chakra of the word. By extension, the term of lotus is often used to designate all chakras and the feminine sex, because on the energetic plan, the aura that these centers give out, takes the appearance of a flower.

6) The sixth, at the level of eyebrows, is in relation with the mental energy, the logical reasoning, the imagination and the intuition, the hypophysis and the cerebellum. One gives to this center the name of third eye or " body " for the Buddhist, because it is the hormonal command center of the physical body. When this center is active, the energetic body vision is possible and the person is veritably clairvoyant.

7) The seventh, at the top of the head, is in relation with the epiphysis, and leads energetically to the fontanal. It is equal and opposite polarization to the one of the perineum. The male energy, given by the father, concentrates there.

Two other centers deserve a special place because they regroup five of the previous centers, they are: the masculine and feminine sexual centers.

Three main channels distribute energies: the two lateral of this trinity are situated at every side of the backbone, leaves from the perineum and leads to the two lobes of the hypophysis, they are in relation with the sympathic nervous system and parasympathic. The last is central and borrow the ependym channel. It is on this channel that all concentrations work.

These channels not being made of matter, they cannot be dissected, no more than the one of a magnetic or neutrinos field.

The average of polarizations: male on the head, female at the perineum, as well to the man as to the woman, is located to the cardiac plexus, way of natural balance.

At the time of the disembodiment process, the energetic poles borrow the different centers to lead to this physico-metaphysics balance.


5. What it is necessary to exercise

- A body, a spirit, a plain intellect.

- A calm piece, an armchair.

- Necessary or to develop intellectual qualities: concentration, imagination, visualization, open-spiritedness, shrewdness, will, incentive, patience.

- Necessary or to develop moral qualities: weak aggressiveness, weak pride, weak desires, weak jealousy, weak fears (therefore little attraction, little repulsion).

- Physical quality to develop: sexual abstinence or seminal retention (as much as possible, in order to keep a maximal sexual energetic potential).


6. Preparatory convenient method

- Distribute a small room without telephone where you will be able to shut in without being disturbed and that will be, if possible, reserved to your concentration exercises.

- Every sitting should last about thirty minutes and should be located outside of digestion periods. - An alight candle should be sufficient for light.

- Install a sufficiently comfortable armchair not to be disturbed by the discomfort; the mental take the lead of the physical, useless here to stimulate acupuncture points or to take any yogi stance.

- Sit down comfortably, hands resting on thighs, either closed ajar lids (but don't lull!).

- Do so that your two nostrils breathe symmetrically.

- Breathe slowly, restrict the size of the inspiration gradually facing expiration, that becomes therefore longer.

- Loosen all your muscles; the motor and sensory nervous system must be put progressively turning low, until to feel a tingle in all your body.

- Open mentally the multiple energetic channel floodgates that spill in all your energetic being, integral part of your physical body.

- Deepen the concentration without thinking to usual worries. As soon as an idea germinates, if it doesn't have anything to see with the object of the exercise, stop it immediately (relatively difficult at the beginning but don't lose patience).

These attitudes: physical, mental and spiritual, should always precede all concentrations exercises, whatever they are.


7. Depolarization

This exercise, based on the downward strength (water element), canalize the cosmic energies toward the earth while passing by you.

It starts and finish all concentration exercises.

It decreases the latent polarization shortcomings and, by the way, neuroses, illnesses and blockages, as well as imperfections generated by the concentration itself, possibly badly centered.

Imagine and visualize the more clearly possible:

1) Above your head, at about 0,50 meter (2 feet), the moon, giving out radiuses on 360 deg.

Fig No panic, it's your androgynous duplicate, above your head!

Copyright Samten Ling-Pa

2) In his center, is a very luminous point, like a small sun.

3) Above, the white energetic body of an any human shape (that we will call your duplicate henceforth).

4) From his cardiac center, about 1 meter (3 or 4 feet) above your head, are given out white radiuses on 360° that turn in the sense of the needles of a watch (a radius being located before, will come shortly after on your right).

Fig 19.2.3 It is again your energetic duplicate (above your head)

Copyright Samten Ling-Pa

5) Imagine like a stream of milk flowing down continuously from this shape, falling on your head, penetrating your body, accumulating while bringing up your feet and filling him completely. This visualization must last three minutes.

6) Transform your duplicate in beaming light.

7) Do take it down mentally then insert it by your head and merges entirely with your whole body.

8) Imagine since this instant that your body is transparent, emptiness and yet visible. It is your pure energetic body, (imagine it as made of crystal beaming energy). This mental action has effect to decrease the resistance of all your acupuncture channels and to facilitate the passage of energies.

9) Your cardiac center always gives out his radiuses. Keep this visualization three minutes. (fig 9)

10) Finish by the mental dissolution of the whole, while leaving from extremities of your energetic body, to finish to your cardiac center, where the concentration makes smaller to a minuscule point, then finally dissolves itself completely.

Keep some instants this mental attitude, emptiness of thought.

12) Bring back the visualization of your transparent energetic body (previous point 8).

13) Stop your meditation.


8. The four increases of powers

These increases of powers carry on the three centers: head, throat, heart and whole the body (energetic).

- Imagine your energetic duplicate to two meters (7 feet) before you, a few higher.

Fig. 19.2.4. Your projected androgynous duplicate before you.


1) Its sixth energetic center, between eyebrows, radiate like a diamond. A bundle color of crystal escapes from it, penetrate your forehead and your corresponding center.

2) Its fifth energetic center, at the basis of the neck, radiate like a ruby. A red radius emerges from it, penetrate your throat, and the corresponding center.

3) Its fourth energetic center, to the heart, radiate like a lapis-lazuli. A blue bundle emerges from it, penetrate your heart, and the corresponding center. Blockages of the spirit are suppressed progressively and the male and female complementary energies, in your physical and energetic bodies, provoke an auto-generator loop.

4) Again, from the fourth energetic center of your duplicate, emerges like a falling star that unites with your spirit, in your cardiac center, to the middle of the most central tube.

Do this exercise at the beginning and from time to time.


9. Drilling and activation of your energetic centers

Imagine and visualize yourself the more clearly possible:

1) Seated on a small sun, to the center of a square of two meters sides (7 feet), giving out some yellow radiuses on all the surface. (fig.19.3.1)

Do turn a more intensive bundle in the sense of needles of a watch at a speed that you want (helical coil, as in the nature: DNA, horns, shells...)

- Maintain the mental attitude three minutes.
- Reduce the surface to a point. Go to the stadium number two.

2) Do bring up the virtual sun mentally until the second energetic center, to midway between your perineum and your navel.

- Do radiate on 360° white bundles turning in a circle of 2 meters (7 feet) diameter.

- Maintain your concentration three minutes.

3) Bring up this whole mentally to the center of your navel, in the backbone.

- Do radiate red color bundles in the same conditions that previously, the circumference of the circle being imagined of flames (fire element).

4) Do the same thing for your cardiac center that will radiate very powerful blue bundles, that come back then toward you, how reflected by mirrors.

5) For the center of your throat, the color will be red (there is not backer by reflection).

6) For the center of your third eye, the radiated color will be limpid and transparent as crystal.

7) Pierce mentally a hole at the top of your head.

- Do pass the small sun to ten centimeters (1/3 foot) above (your head).

- Radiate omnidirectional and multicolored bundles (or crystal color)

Follow the same procedure that previously.

8) Place the virtual whole to 0,5 meter (2 feet) above your head and do the same thing with the same colors.

9) Place the virtual whole to 1 meter (3 or 4 feet) above your head and do the same thing with the same colors.

10) Imagine all your body (interior and outside) in flames (recall: flames go up, naturally!) Keep this mental visualization one minute.

11) Stop mentally flames of your body .

12) Imagine that you are under your shower and that water penetrates all your body (water downward mentally until your feet). Keep the visualization 3mn (the cosmic energies so controlled enrich your lymph while stimulating the meridian of the pancreas, right side of your body).

- Imagine then that the clear water becomes color blood (energies enrich this time your blood by the meridian of the spleen, left side of your body, length).

- Imagine then that water color blood turns into liquid fire, like a rain of sparks that penetrates your body by your mouth (the cosmic energies now enrich your Ki to the navel, big accumulator for all your body, by the downward internal meeting of the Tou Mo and Jen Mo acupuncture meridians).

Imagine now that downward liquid fire coexists with the upward fire of the 9-10 paragraph, this energetic loop is the most difficult to maintain a long time but it increases dramaticaly, not to say anymore, other visualization effects.

13) Finish with a news and fast depolarization and don't forget the small empty thought period, it should be easier than to the beginning since the concentration exhausted you).

Have a rest, you deserved it.

Do this exercise from time to time while bringing up all floors quickly but don't forget to end up by depolarization, that is actually the inverse especially, water extinguishes fire, to the physical sense as to the metaphysical sense.


10. Final method: meditation on the emptiness of thought

This time, it should be easier, although...

It is simply about remaining seated, to keep your vigilance trying not to think to anything (ah! ah! by Jove!)

If you arrive during more than 15 minutes, bravo, continue and imagine yourself (in fact your spirit) leaving your body by the top of your head, you fly, you go where you want to the speed of the lightning.

Your disembodied spirit has this possibility, he is autonomous, no need of a living body to subsist.

It is what will happen at the death of your physical body... when you will have finished your time on earth. This one, if you continue (do you recall: the eternal life, etc...?)

It will be your case if you pursue these exercises (except if your desire to relive is strongest and reprogram your spirit all over again in the bad sense. It would be a pity!)


11. Your mantra

The Tibetan often associate mantras to their concentrations. Mantras are pressing calls, in sanscrit, to the cosmic strengths and to the disembodied spirits (the one of the deceased masters for example).


OM puts in activity the energetic centers of your head



PEMA means chakra or energetic center (pronounce all syllables " pe " then " ma ")

SIDDHI means " powers "

Recite it in loop 7 times, or 14 times, or 21 times (either physically or mentally)



Don't begin this exercise before some weeks of previous exercise practice in order to being sure that the tracing path is not erroneous. This path is as thin as a hair in relation to the remainder of your body, as much to say that it is very narrow.

In the meditation where the virtual sun is in union with the virtual moon of your heart, imagine in addition, your duplicate and his moon above your head. The line that join the two sexual systems is the liberation path.

On the virtual sun of your heart, imagine a drop of concentrated energy, like a star, and project this concentration mentally toward the moon, above your head, until to penetrate beyond, until the heart of the energetic couple, the one of your duplicate. Repeat this exercise called " projective strength of the seed " seven times, while accompanying it by the mantra: PHAI, that pronounces like an explosion, the booster of a rifle bullet or something equivalent brutality. Finish then by the mental dissolution of the whole.

By this manner, at the time of your death, it is your own subconscious spirit that you will eject out of the cosmic jail. But if you are ready, and without waiting therefore for your death, you can by this meaning reach your illumination. If so, you will be then Buddha Maitreya-Christ, the one (only one) that everybody waits. I hope for you this opportunity but don't think how ever that your job will be now finished, you will have from now a very huge work on arms to help others, even by employing strong strengths in order to fight against erroneous ego demonstrators. If you become this man-god, all will be accessible and able for you. So, you will act obviously in the best way even somebody can't understand your excellent final goal.



To heal someone being at any distance of you: disembody your spirit (and of course, your energetic body), project it toward the body to heal that you will clearly visualize, then, with your split hands, do magnetic harmonizing pass to equilibrate the energetic body of your patient.

For the telepathy and the clairvoyance: disembody your spirit and penetrate the heart chakra of your consultant.

For the cosmic journeys: first, program mentally your journey to accomplish. Then project your spirit as looking to your physical body in deep meditation remained on earth, then, move away taking the direction of your destination. For the return, nothing to fear: visualize your body and return to him. You don't risk to lose your body or to die.

Don't use your powers to be harmful because your karma would find affected of it and from where a receding in your spiritual evolution process.

Copyright Samten Ling-Pa

My regards and congratulations, you are on the good way. Especially, don't lose patience, it is rather a long breath work, more you will exercise, more your powers will increase, and I assure you that the game is worth full, not only for powers, but especially for your definitive liberation of the matter!

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